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Selection of indoor or outdoor sporting goods like: fishing accessories, physical training accessories, also for stretching, yoga, meditation and many other items that we haven't have the time to list yet and many more that we will have the pleasure to discover while we will be on the hunt

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CFL bandana bandanna FANDANA headwrap scarf wrap
Your official fan gear new my TEAM my TOWN FANDANA bandana scarf wrap handkerchief Made o..
$ 9.95 usd $ 8.00 usd
Electric rower stationary bike
An electric stationary bike also acting as a rower. You pedal and handlebar moves back and fo..
Helmet HJC CL-2 DOT Approved Fog Eater X Small
Helmet HJC CL-2 DOT Approved Fog Eater Polycarbonate X Small This is an almost new motorcycle..
Josée Lavigueur Danser pour la forme French dvd
Josée Lavigueur Le Coffret Danser pour la forme dvd 3 dvd comprenant : 1. Danser pour l..
$ 8.95 usd $ 7.00 usd
Josée Lavigueur present Le step French VHS
Josée Lavigueur présente Le step French VHS Comment maximiser les bienfaits de l’entraînemen..
$ 4.95 usd $ 3.50 usd
La Danse Aérobique En Forme French VHS
La Danse Aérobique En Forme French VHS Josée Lavigueur Inédit jamais vu à la télévision..
$ 4.95 usd $ 3.50 usd
Pilates beginners Moira Stott Pilates French VHS
Pilates pour débutants Moira Stott Pilates VHS Pilates pour débutants Isole, active et ..
$ 4.95 usd $ 3.50 usd
RAPALA Fishing Lure Sinking CD-3 B Blue
Fishing Lure Made by Rapala Model sinking CD-3 B Blue 3 cm (1 1/2 inch) 4 grams (.18 ..
$ 6.00 usd
RAPALA Sinking CD-3 MN Minnow Fishing Lure
Fishing Lure RAPALA Model Sinking CD-3 MN Minnow Made by Rapala Lure 3 cm (1 1/2 inch..
$ 7.00 usd
Storm ThinFin Silver Shad T5 Floater Red Scale Lure
Thin Fin lure from Storm company Silver Shad T5 Floater Red Scale 15 oz. 2 1/2 in..
Storm ThinFin Silver Shad T5-S Sinking Red-Scale
Fishing Lure Storm ThinFin Silver Shad T5-S Sinking Diver Red Scale Thin Fin from Storm compa..
$ 7.95 usd
Stretching exercises French VHS tape
Stretching exercises French VHS Avec Jacques Gauthier et Dorothée Lavoie Faites un pas de..
$ 0.00 usd








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