Great ideas for using your vintage snack sets!

Great ideas for using your vintage snack sets!

Many of us have vintage snack sets in our china cabinets or buffet but do not use them very often, probably because of the size of the cup which let’s say it is quite tiny, they are 5oz for the majority of them!

For a punch or sangria with small sandwich the size of the cups is acceptable but for tea or coffee I must admit that it is rather small!

But why use it only for special occasions? And the cup? It is not mandatory to use it only for a drink!

These sets are perfect for all entrées or snack that require a small bowl of sauce or dip.

Here are some ideas that I found on the net to use your sets more often!

Vegetables and dip,

Chips and dip cheese,

Crackers and cheese dip,

Chicken strips and sauce,

Spring rolls and plum sauce,

Chicken fillets and cherry sauce.

This certainly gives you many more ideas now isn’t it?

Then instead of keeping it in the cabinet or the buffet where it only serves to gather dust, now that you have plenty of ideas and pull it out and use it!


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