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Shabby chic flowers
Shabby chic flowers are simple and easy to make, and they add flair to any handmade project or as an individual accessory! They can be us... read more
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Great selection of collectibles for your collection or for collectors

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Avon Mrs Albee President's Club Plate 2010-2011
Avon Mrs Albee President's Club Reward Plate 2010-2011 Global Vision Congratulation on your ..
Canada Post  William Scully Hat Brooch
Vintage Brass Canada Post Hat Brooches This brooches is from the 50s, Canadian Postman used ..
$ 0.00 usd
Clear Crystal Bell Etched Flower Hoffbauer Germany
This is a beautiful vintage clear crystal bell with etched flower on the side which I believe is ..
$ 0.00 usd
Colonial Green Hobnail Bell Fenton Art Glass
Beautiful colonial green hobnail glass bell Stands 5.75 inches tall X 3.25 inches diameter ac..
$ 11.95 usd $ 5.00 usd
Eagle White Marble Statue American Collection
This beautiful statue representing an eagle is I believe made of white marble I don’t know w..
$ 0.00 usd
Imari Porcelain Bowl Scalloped Edges Gold Trim Handcrafted
This beautiful bowl had red white and pink flowers with green blue and gold design on the outside..
$ 19.95 usd
Indiana glass pickle handled dishes green honeycomb
Pickle handled dishes Indiana glass green honeycomb pattern vintage Collectible vintage handl..
$ 7.95 usd
Jug Bottle Collectible Man Face Carved Resin
This brown jug or collectible bottle with a carved man face is made of resin or strong plastic ..
$ 9.95 usd
Lidded Beer Stein Mug Ceramic Avon Collectibles
Beautiful piece of collection This collectible Avon Fine lidded stein has a setter dog on on..
$ 14.95 usd
Miniature Plates Bone China England Lambert
Decorative miniature plates from Lambert Souvenirs Bone China England Size is : 5.5cm diamet..
$ 11.95 usd $ 9.95 usd
Miniature Porcelain Cup Saucer Collectibles Maman
Miniature porcelain cup and saucer with the saying Maman Je t'aime The cup is 1.25 inch high ..
$ 0.00 usd
Motorcycle Collectibles Wood Handmade Black Tire
Handmade replica of a motorcycle made of wood for collectors Motorcycle collectors you won't..








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