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Derma Seta model 40808 skin hair calluses

Battery operation or with power supply

Derma Seta model 40808 skin hair calluses
picture-Derma-Seta-model-40808-skin-hair-calluses-2 picture-Derma-Seta-model-40808-skin-hair-calluses-3 picture-Derma-Seta-model-40808-skin-hair-calluses-4
Derma Seta model 40808 skin hair calluses Derma Seta model 40808 skin hair calluses Derma Seta model 40808 skin hair calluses


$ 8.00 cad
Product Code: Derma-Seta-model-40808-skin-hair-calluses
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Derma Seta® model 40808 skin hair calluses

Derma Seta painless instant removes unwanted hair, skin, calluses

Derma Seta® is your professional mini skin spa that not only helps you remove hair painlessly, but also exfoliates and gives you beautiful skin

The hair removal system works by using crystal pads and combining them with our hair removal machine which rotates up to 550 times per minute to painlessly remove unwanted hair while helping to polish and exfoliate your skin

Use safely all over your body to help remove hair painlessly Derma Seta® is the perfect option unlike painful and more expensive wax treatments

Don't waste any more time with shaving or waxing. Derma Seta® is not only an excellent painless alternative to waxing or laser hair removal treatments but is also an incredible and fast option for legs, arms and even unwanted facial hair

Since the Derma Seta® painless hair removal system does not use sharp and dangerous razors, you can consider cuts and scrapes from shaving as a thing of the past

Derma Seta model: 40808

Nominal voltage: 9V DC

Rated power: 10W

battery operation (not included) or with power supply included


  • Derma Seta system
  • system support
  • power adapter
  • 9 interchangeable multifunction heads
  • CD with instruction manual
  • No original box









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