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Exercise Fitness Pilates Ball Purple

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Spiky Gym Ball Fitness Exercise Massage

Spiky Gym Ball Fitness Exercise Massage
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Exercise Fitness Pilates Ball Purple

Exercise ball stability ball for balance, exercise, workout, core training 70cm.

Exercise and fitness all-in-one home exercise equipment for a variety of functions.

Use exercise balls for a wide array of active exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or Cross Fit to tone muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and even control your weight.

Its versatility stretches beyond exercise into activities such as correcting posture, providing play therapy, relaxation.

Whether you're using it as a yoga ball, therapy ball, or a general fitness ball, you'll enjoy lying on, bouncing, rolling, or lifting it.

Its tactile lines blend with the smooth surface to provide comfortable, non-slip contact with your skin without the sticky feel.

In perfect condition, shipped uninflated.



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Diameter 70 cm






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