The face of the second-hand economy

The face of the second-hand economy

What motivates second-hand regulars?

They are buyers who are looking to save money and who do so for ecological reasons, to protect the environment and reduce waste. This is because it reduces the use of resources, energy and pollution.

For those who want to buy from Quebec, it's a roundabout way to do it, even if it's marked "made in China", "in the USA" or in another country. If people knew the advantages of buying used objects, they would take advantage of it more often. The main gain is that it is not uncommon to pay 40% to 50% and even 80% of the new price for an object that has already been used.

In our online shop you could discover little treasures since we sell everything for the home, your clothing or your hobbies, articles for pets, crafts and other odds and ends.

By buying used you can enjoy the increase in your standard of living and the feeling of consistency with your environmental values, thanks to this relatively easy way. Discovering the coveted object in a used version will become a real challenge and a real pleasure for you. When you buy second-hand items you not only save on your purchases you are also exempt from taxes.

We look forward to doing business with you,

Les bricolles de Cleo


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