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Falling Rain Chime Box Relaxation Meditation

Engage the relaxing sound of rainfall whenever and wherever you want.

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Avon SpaFinder Warming Spa Center
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Falling rain chime box for relaxation and meditation

Engage the relaxing sound of rainfall whenever and wherever you want. The Falling Rain Chime is a cool wooden box that produces sounds reminiscent of gentle falling rain to promote sleep, reduce stress and help in meditation and relaxation.

This beautiful wood box releases hundreds of tiny steel beads which drop onto chimes for 15 to 35 minutes to produce a sound reminiscent of falling rain and the beads never fall in the same pattern twice. A perfect addition to any home where soothing and peaceful sounds would be most welcome like in your bedroom or office. Ideal for falling asleep or relaxation any time.

This decorative wooden box comes with cylindrical bells and a couple hundred tiny steel balls inside.

To operate, turn the box over and shake it so that the balls cling to the adhesive strip which is affixed to the underside of the top panel. Then turn it right side up again and the balls will slowly start to fall and strike the chimes in random patterns.  It will take anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes for all the balls to drop, punctuated with periods of silence.

Underneath the box the marking is :

Falling Rain Nature Chimes

Patent Pending R.P.C. Redmond, WA


9 inches wide x 6 inches high x 6.25 inches  deep

Used but in very good condition except for very tiny scratches at the bottom which are not very noticeable



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Height 6 inches
Width 9 inches






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