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Shabby chic flowers
Shabby chic flowers are simple and easy to make, and they add flair to any handmade project or as an individual accessory! They can be us... read more
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Selection of item for your pet like dog, cat, bird, etc.

For your loving animal

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Dog Tartan shirt Chihuahua Maltese Yorkie Poodle
Checkered Tartan red and white shirt for your Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle or any other sma..
Hagen Parakeet Lovebird Nest Box Black Plastic
Hagen® Parakeet Nest Box provides a safe and cozy shelter for mating and nesting pairs, as well a..
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Oster detachable blade size 5 Skip tooth No.80 A5 Clipper
Oster detachable blade size 5 skip tooth No.80 A5 Clipper Maker: OSTER Type: SIZE #5 Skip too..
Oster Pet Groomer Trimmer Instruction Blade Guard
This is a used Oster pet groomer and trimmer kit in original box Included are: The gr..
Pet Bowl Scale Royal Canin Control Obesity Prevention
Pet bowl Royal Canin with scale to control the quantities The bowl fits on the scale and is a..
Pet Groomer Trimmer Clipper Electric Used
Pet groomer trimmer clipper electric This is a used pet groomer / trimmer / clipper Just ..
Zack & Zoey Dress Pink Chihuahua Maltese Yorkie Poodle
Zack & Zoey® Pink fleece dress with satin leopard print for your Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkie, ..








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