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Homedics Wrap-Around Percussion Massager Heat Model PA-X

Wrap-around percussion massager for back, neck, and shoulders.

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Homedics Wrap-Around Full Body Percussion Massager with Heat Model PA-X

Wrap-around percussion massager for back, neck, and shoulders.

3 adjustable positions for easy access to lower and upper back.

Dual massage heads deliver 3,100 strokes per minute, plus heat option.

Variable-speed switch adjusts intensity level.

The innovative wrap-around design offers three positions: adjust the handles so the massager hugs your lower back or neck, or, extend the handles and hold them to massage hard-to-reach spots in the center of the back.

The massagers dual heads dig in deep to relieve muscle tension, delivering 3,100 strokes per minute to sore areas.

A speed switch along the interior of one of the handles lets you control the intensity of the massage.

Four sets of rounded attachments offer different levels of firmness: soft, medium, hard, and thermal to use in tandem with the massage/heat setting.

For safety, rubberized grips on the handles prevent the possibility of slipping during a session.

Note that as this massager is made of hard plastic, it?s not very comfortable to recline in a chair when the unit is wrapped around your waist or neck.

This massager is better used in an upright seated or standing position.


  • massager
  • 4 sets of heads (including red heat heads)
  • Nice 12 feets long cord and adjustable handles.

Tested and fully functional.

No original box or manual but it's very easy to find how to use it or to find the manual online.



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