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Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Ceramic White

decorate a side table, buffet or mantel

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Hanging Lantern Ceramic Candle Holder

Hanging Lantern Ceramic Candle Holder
Regular Price: $ 10.00 cad

This horn of plenty or cornucopia would make a beautiful table centerpiece as it is low enough to avoid interfering with dinner conversation, or you can decorate a side table, buffet or mantel instead.

This beautiful piece is 15 inches long X 9 inches large X 8 inches high

I didn't see any marking so I believe it was handmade cause all I see is only 2 handwritten letters that look like V.G.

This item is very heavy: 5.8 lbs (2.500kg) so of course because of the weight and size of this item the shipping price may seem a little high

It is in very good condition as you can see by the pictures, I didn't see any crack, scratch or any other damage.

Of course it will be very well packed for shipping to make sure it will arrive in the same condition.


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Height 8 inches
Length 15 inches
Width 9 inches






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