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The face of the second-hand economy
What motivates second-hand regulars? They are buyers who are looking to save money and who do so for ecological reasons, to protect t... read more
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For your wardrobe or your hobbies, to decorate the house or find a gift for a loved one Les Bricolles de Cleo is offering you new or used articles such as clothing, footwear and accessories, finished handmade items and crafting supply such as lace, fabric, buttons and knickknacks.

When you need something, have you considered getting it in a used version?

This is the face of the second-hand economy, a consumption mode that is no longer associated with a less fortunate clientele. (Read more)



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This means you have the option to make an offer for this product if its price exceeds your budget a bit. Click the button "Make an offer" and tell us the price you would pay for this article. If your offer is reasonable it will be accepted

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