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Coffee filters
Coffee filters - 30/03/2013
Coffee filters in cone or basket shape according to the needs Who would have thought? And you can buy them in big quantity from the dollar store for almost nothing. Cover the dishes to cook or reheat in the microwave. Coffee filters are excellent covers that you can throw away when finish. Clean windows, mirrors and chrome. Coffee filters are lint free so they will leave windows and mirrors bright and shiny. Protect porcelain, by separating dishes with filters ..
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Well shave to prevent ingrown hairs
The best way is to shave in the direction the hair are growing. A person who has naturally soft, curly or wavy hair is more likely to have ingrown hairs especially if he/she shaves! It is important to leave the shaving soap, cream or gel at least one minute on the skin before you start shaving. Start by shaving the the sides and make sure to follow the direction of the growth of hair, then the area of the neck and at last the chin and moustache because they are areas where the hairs a..
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