Well shave to prevent ingrown hairs

Well shave to prevent ingrown hairs

The best way is to shave in the direction the hair are growing. A person who has naturally soft, curly or wavy hair is more likely to have ingrown hairs especially if he/she shaves!

It is important to leave the shaving soap, cream or gel at least one minute on the skin before you start shaving.

Start by shaving the the sides and make sure to follow the direction of the growth of hair, then the area of the neck and at last the chin and moustache because they are areas where the hairs are hard. Keeping these areas to the end they will be softened further by the product applied for shaving.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water, pat dry gently blotting with towel (do not rub) and then
apply an after-shave, moisturizing or soothing cream.

But what is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is a hair regrowing in a different angle after having been shaved. When you shave you cut the tip of the hair which may force it to curl on himself to then re-entered in the pore. Being weakened by shaving the hair has difficulty to penetrate to the surface of the skin at the time of re-growth, then it grows inward rather than outward. The body will recognize it as a foreign body in the same way as it would for a thorn will produce then a kind of inflammation, which is redness, itching and what will look like a button which could even be filled with pus.

What to do in such situation?

It is necessary to put a hot compress on the ingrown hair, don't open the redness (button), but let the hair come out by itself on the surface of the skin. Once it is on the surface, use tweezers to remove it. Use oxygenated water or an antiseptic to clean the wound and disinfect it.

Your shaving equipment!

It is important to wash your equipment frequently, change your razor blades regularly to avoid the development of bacteria.


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