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OBD2 Scanner TOPDON AL600

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Xlite X-Lite Set of 29 multi-purpose disposable lighters

Xlite X-Lite Set of 29 multi-purpose disposable lighters
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OBD2 Scanner TOPDON AL600

Car diagnostic tool.

Active test for ABS, SRS Diagnostics, with oil car service reset service, BMS, SAS.

OBD2 ABS and SRS scanner: use this OBD2 ABS scanner to reveal the exact problems underlying your brake, airbag and engine systems, test individual ABS/SRS sensors, valves or solenoids to quickly locate malfunctions (compatible with GM, Nissan, Fiat, Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, BMW, USA Ford).

This code reader guides you through step-by-step procedures to reset the oil service light and programmed mileage intervals for engine efficiency (oil reset); to calibrate the steering wheel position for straight-ahead driving (SAS reset); to clear the original low battery fault information against future battery failure or damage (BMS reset), avoiding your unnecessary visits to the mechanics.

Full OBD2 diagnostics: say goodbye to the hassle of manual checks with this SRS code reader. Quickly correct the check engine light warning on most OBD2/CAN-compatible vehicles.

Easily access your emission status with a single click I/M Readiness; and being packed with features for live data playback, fixed frame data, as well as EVAP, integrated monitor testing means this analysis tool checks all the car's daily maintenance boxes.

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