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Omega horizontal juice extractor slow screw

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Oster Electric Juicer Pulp Ejector

Oster Electric Juicer Pulp Ejector
Regular Price: $ 15.00 cad

Omega horizontal juice extractor slow screw

Easy to use and clean

Compact design

Slow extraction speed for less oxidation

Allows you to make pâtés, purees and juices through a sieve

Also removes peel and seeds from tomatoes and berries

Ideal for herbs such as wheatgrass, parsley and coriander

Useful for fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc.


Silver finish

model 8006 150 watts

Replaces several small electric juicers

Why slow extraction?

Slow extraction is a cold-extraction process that preserves 100% of all nutrients because it doesn't exert any heat, unlike a centrifuge, which spins at over 10,000 rpm and burns most of the nutrients.

For juicing fruits/vegetables, chopping leafy greens, mincing and mincing, making nut butters, nut and soy milks, desserts, baby food, coffee grounds, pasta and bread sticks, and more.

Complete with all parts, appears to have been used infrequently, in perfect condition.





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