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Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup

Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup
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Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup


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Sharp Spiralizer 5 Blades HD Suction Cup

Spiralizer 5 Blades Vegetables Heavy Duty with Suction Cup

This 5 blade spiralizer is ultra strong and sturdy, it comes with 5 stainless steel blades that have a self contained storage for three blades and a storage case for the 2 extra blades.

The blades are designed to make a variety of cuts such as ribbons, thin spiral, thick spiral, curly cut and angel hair.

All plastic parts are 100% BPA free food grade and with durable reinforced ABS.

Safe to use it comes with a large suction cup that secures the device safely and firmly to a smooth counter top (not suitable for wood counters).

All you have to do is activate the on/off lever.

There are no sliding or any kind of movement while operating the device.

The handles are strong enough to withstand even the hardest of vegetables.

This spiralizer is much smaller and much easier to store than the conventional bulky spiralizers.

The push handle is very sturdy and flips for easy storing also.

It is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

HIGHLY VERSATILE If you are on a diet or want to eat healtier with more variety, this is for you.

Enjoy healty gluten-free, raw, low carb, veggie pasta meals. Make fun salads, or stir-fries.

Children will love and eat the fun snacks of fruits and vegetables.

Spiralize zucchinis, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, beets, apples, etc.

Make them into spaghetti, or ribbons or make curly fries.

Create beautiful dishes and impress your friends and family. The possibilites are endless.

No hassles comes with a colored instruction guide in english and french.

This is a manual spiralizer, does not use batteries and is not electric.

Dimensions: 10.5 inches (27cm) x 5.5 inches (14cm) x 8.25 inches (21cm)

Like new in box.

You can watch a usage video on the following link:





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Height 8.25 inches (21cm)
Length 10.5 inches (27cm)
Width 5.5 inches (14cm)






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