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Tortilla Press Tortilladona Cast Aluminium

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Wooden Hamburger Potatoes Patties Press Rooster
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Tortilla Press Tortilladona Cast Aluminium

There is nothing like the taste of homemade corn tortillas!

They taste much better and fresher than store bought tortillas.

With this cast aluminum tortilla press, you can make homemade tortillas in no time.

Perfect for making flat bread like pita and naan too!

This traditional press is sturdy, durable and has excellent leverage. Great for large quantities!

For making homemade tortillas and flatbreads with a consistent thickness that looks great and bakes evenly.

Made of heavy aluminum for durability; sturdy handle for effortless leverage

Makes 6 inch (15.2cm) tortillas

Press dough to the perfect thickness every time.

Simply insert a ball of masa and with one press, a fresh tortilla!  Easy to use, easy to clean, compact for easy storage.

Hint: Use two pieces of wax paper, parchment paper or saran wrap to line each side before placing the ball of dough in the press. This will keep your tortillas from sticking to the press.

To clean, wipe with damp or dry cloth.

Measures: 6 inches (15,2cm) - 8 inches (21,6cm) with handle





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aluminum cast aluminium
Diameter 6 inches (15,2cm) - 8 inches (21,6cm) with handle






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