Vermicomposter Ecoworms red 4 sieves

Red vermicompost bin adapted to receive manure worms which will eat the organic waste and reject an odourless and soil-like material called vermicompost.

Its small size allows you to place it wherever you want: kitchen, balcony, terrace.

The big advantage of this method is that you can install it indoors as well as outdoors with a few precautions.

By respecting the basic rules, vermicompost is odourless and clean, in addition to being compact. Its presence can even go undetected.

Collect the vermicompost when it is ripe, i.e. when all the plant waste is completely degraded.  Put it in a plastic crate.

Thanks to the small tap at the bottom you can collect the worm tea (compost juice) which you will dilute at the rate of 1 part for 10 parts of water to water your indoor/outdoor plants, you can keep it in a bottle in the same conditions as the compost.

The idea of several bins placed one on top of the other makes it easy to rotate the bins, leaving the maturing vermicompost at the bottom and the waste at the top. The bottom module carrying a cone is always the one to collect the liquid fertilizer.

Compared to horizontal systems, the Eco-worms vermicomposter designed vertically offers the advantage of a more natural movement of the worms since they rise naturally and continuously. This allows a more homogeneous transformation of the waste. Contrary to square or rectangular shapes in which areas of stagnation of organic matter not mineralized by earthworms appear, the Eco-Worms vermicomposter, due to its cylindrical shape, offers the guarantee, if it is used correctly, to compost its waste with no noxious odor and with reduced maintenance in a limited space.

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